Super Bowl LIII will be in Atlanta, Georgia next year on February 3, 2019. The kickoff time has yet to be set but will be later. It will be held in the recently built Mercedes Benz Stadium, which is the home of the Atlanta Falcons. This stadium holds up to 71,000 people but has expanded seating to hold 80,000. This stadium has a giant glass wall and because of it being an indoor stadium, the weather will not play a role in the football game. The roof is retractable and unique. This super bowl will be very interesting because no one really knows who will be going as of now. If you are a fan of the NFL and have been watching, there are many good teams. With the teams being so good this year, the predictions of the two teams are up in the air for now.

Last year’s super bowl was very anticipated because of the teams who were playing. This Super Bowl was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Philadelphia Eagles played the New England Patriots. The Eagles won with a score of 41-33. It was one of the most unforgettable Super Bowls of all time. Nick Foles helped lead the Eagles to a fourth-quarter comeback victory, that the Patriots and fans never saw coming. This year’s Super Bowl is highly anticipated. One reason, Atlanta has not had a Super Bowl here since 2000. The new stadium is ready to welcome fans from across the United States. Of course, Atlanta fans want their team to be there, however, sometimes we don’t always get what we ask for.

There are several ways to watch the live stream of the Super Bowl 2019. Since I live in Atlanta, my husband and I are going to the game, however, that is not an option for most. Super Bowl LIII will be shown on CBS. It will also be streamed on CBS All Access. Online you can visit CBSSports official website for more information.

Super Bowl LIII Overview
Game TBD vs TBD
Event Date Sunday, Feb. 3 2019
Start Time 6:30 PM ET
Venue Mercedes-Benz Stadium
TV Network CBS Sports
Online Stream Watch Here

Where will the Super Bowl LIII be played?

Super Bowl LIII will be played in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. About 2 miles down from the former Falcons stadium, the Georgia Dome.

When is the 2019 Super Bowl?

This year’s Super Bowl will be held on Sunday, February 3, 2019. The kick off time has yet to be announced.

2019 Super Bowl Live Stream

There are many ways to watch the Super Bowl. One of these ways is by watching the live stream online. The Super Bowl is one of the biggest live sporting events in history. This game is seen by millions of people each year. The game will be streaming live on CBS All Access. Even if you do not have a subscription to cable, you can still watch the game. As of now, anyone can use any device that streams live tv to watch the game. There are several ways to watch the game, but with more people not subscribing to cable, CBS is letting everyone watch the game for free. You simply go online and register to watch.

Super Bowl Broadcasting Channels

There are several stations or ways to watch the Super Bowl next year. The main network that is broadcasting the game is CBS. They own the rights to the game next year. You can also view the game on YouTube and many other streaming options are available for you. There are many ways to watch the game without subscribing or paying to watch it. The other options are listed below.

United States

Besides CBS, there are several streaming options for viewing the Super Bowl. You can download the NFL Mobile app on your mobile devices. There’s Yahoo Sports for both Android and iOS. There is the CBS app, Sling tv, Fubo, Youtube TV, Hulu, and many more.


Typically, the major networks will rotate years to air the Super Bowl. In fact, this is a huge contract worth $1 billion between networks. This upcoming Super Bowl will not be aired on NBC due to the rotation of the channels and their contracts.


The main station for the Super Bowl is CBS. They are even offering free viewings of the game online streaming live. If you do not have a subscription, just register online at CBS All Access. The instructions to stream live are simple and easy to navigate. CBS airs the game on network tv as well.


In Canada, there are many options to view Super Bowl LIII as well. CTV will air the livestream of the Super Bowl in Canada. The Canadian fans can also watch the game on three different networks. Pregame can be seen on CTV. CTV Two and TSN airs before the kick off action. TSN will air the entire game beginning around 6, or whenever the kick off time is announced.

How to watch Super Bowl Live Stream Online without cable

There are many ways to watch the game without cable. CBS All Access online is going. The site is to be streaming live and offering a 7-day free trial, all you must do is sign up and register. The other options are all live streaming, whether its on Directv Now, Hulu, Fubo, Sling Tv, Chromecast, Apple Tv, Roku, and the Fire Tv or another streaming player that is not mentioned, the possibilities are endless.

Super Bowl LIII Live Streaming Outside US

What if you’re not in the United States and you want to stream the game live? Now you can watch the game live from anywhere in the world. If you have an internet connection, you can watch the game. All you need to do is download Hotspot Shield VPN on your mobile device or whatever device you’ll be viewing the game. Simply change the location to the United States, go to the CBS NFL site, and the game can be viewed from your device now.

Online Services

There are many online services to watch the game on. Here are a few options to stream the game live and how to do so. Most are self-explanatory. There are also tutorials online to help you with streaming live.


  • Dedicated to sports
  • Need subscription to service
  • Downloadable App
  • Streaming On the go
  • Free 7 Day Trial
  • Can record on Cloud DVR space

Directv Now

  • For those not wanting cable
  • On the Go
  • Streaming shows computers/phone
  • Different packages
  • Watch Super Bowl w/basic package
  • Visit: Directv Now Page
  • No Annual Contract
  • Pre and Post Game/ Some Commercials

Sling TV

  • Streaming Service
  • Cable not needed
  • Must Have Sling Blue Package
  • Some Cities do not allow access
  • Log in to Sling account
  • Many negative reviews here
  • Worth the Money??

Watch ESPN

What from the research was out on the web, it seems that ESPN will have the game highlights, videos, recaps, etc., but there is no mention of whether or not the game will be aired on the channel or not.

Hulu Live TV

  • Hulu Live subscription accesses the game
  • Watch from computer
  • Need internet Connection
  • Free Trial available
  • Watch on CBS All Access

PlayStation Vue

  • Best & Dependable streaming service for game
  • Hosting Pre-game and post-game
  • Alternative to Cable
  • Need Vue service
  • Need Internet Connection
  • No Subscription – 5-day free trial

YouTube TV

  • Available to watch online
  • Great Quality
  • Many streaming on this
  • Better Option for viewing the game
  • Can watch any sporting event
  • Anywhere in the World

Using VPN

  • Streaming every game possible w/out blackout
  • Virtual Private Network
  • NFL game passes available
  • Hidden IP address
  • Hides location
  • Encrypt communicating
  • Watch your favorites
  • Highest speeds possible
  • HD quality
  • Watch anywhere in the world
  • Can act as a proxy, letting you surf web, whenever and wherever you want

Steps of VPN setup:

  • More involved than you think
  • Pick what service you would like
  • Once you pick a service, download the company’s app
  • Protect all devices
  • Pay Subscription
  • Login information
  • Once logged in, connect to VPN
  • Choose a server
  • Fix settings
  • Use as often as possible

Express VPN

  • Well balanced privacy service
  • Big network
  • Larger than most
  • Easy software
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Point and click
  • 90 countries can use this
  • Less than $10/month


  • Unlimited VPN @ less than $6/month
  • Super-fast network speed
  • Top-tier provider
  • Reliable & great performance
  • Large Network of servers
  • Can use outside the U.S.
  • Easy to use
  • Money back guarantee


  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Always private
  • Disk Leak Protection
  • Lightning Speed
  • Streaming Super Bowl
  • $2.99/month- 3-year plan
  • Connect 6 servers at a time
  • 30-day money back guarantee

Social Media

The Super Bowl will be all over social media sites. This is always the case when anything huge is on tv or streaming live. Whether it’s smack talking each other or giving out spoilers of your favorite shows, social media will have everything on it. The Super Bowl Sunday will be no exception either. Score updates, bad call arguments, etc., it’ll be there. Which social media sites will be the most visited? We have listed a few that will get the most traffic on this glorious day.


Facebook is going to be very busy on game day. The NFL has an official Facebook page that everyone should be following for the big game. There will be highlights, videos, and interviews on their page.


Twitter is one of the best social media sites for updates, videos, photos, live scores, and trending tweets. Famous personalities will be tweeting, even our President. This should be the best place to be Sunday night, tweeting away.


Reddit is a high-quality site where you can stream the game online. This is a forum site for anything you can ask questions or just talk about in general.

Everything you need to know about Super Bowl

This is a rundown of everything that you may need to know for Super Bowl Sunday. The season is in full force and the teams are still up in the air and stats are yet to be decided. This year, CBS will be airing the big game and there are other sites who will be streaming it live. Some services offer free trials for those who would like to watch the game. They just require login information in order to get it set up. VPNs will be available as well to provide viewing to those who may be out of the country or just want to watch a higher quality, private version if the game.

Selection process

In order to become a Super Bowl city, the cities will place a bid with the selection committee, these cities are then put through a vetting process. Many things come to play when selecting a city for the Super Bowl. These are: Weather, if there is a dome for cold weather or will it be wet or dry. New Stadiums, hosting Super Bowls after a new stadium is built can assist in bringing fans to come to the new stadium. Accommodations are a huge factor in selecting which city the Super Bowl will be held in. If there are many places to stay, the more the selection committee will consider your city to host the big game.

Super Bowl Tickets

Super Bowl tickets are always available, but the price is quite expensive unless you have the resources to get them. The NFL distributes the tickets to the teams, then everyone else gets them mainly through ticket brokers. Last year the tickets were up to $3500. This Super Bowl the face value of tickets will be at an all-time high! If you are an NFL season ticket holder, you will be entered into a lottery to get tickets at face value. There may be different contests and sweepstakes online before the big game, surf the web a little bit, and you may just find something that will not cost you money. If you cannot win tickets, just keep monitoring the prices of the tickets after the conference playoffs, they should drop in prices when we know who is going to the Super Bowl.


The Super Bowl is always throwing a great entertainer our way for the Halftime show. They also include spectacular visuals and sounds that have us talking for days after the show. This year should be no less than extraordinary! There are always those performers who are unannounced that pop out of nowhere. That’s what the halftime is all about, surprising the viewers. There have been rumors floating around that Kendrick Lamar and Cardi B. may pop up to support Maroon 5 during the halftime show. There is already gossip about what Maroon 5 will be doing this year to make their halftime, one to remember. Many Atlantans felt as if the halftime show should have gone to Outcast or someone that is from our hometown.

Halftime Show

For the Halftime show, Maroon 5 will be performing. Cardi B and Travis Scott are also slated to be performers in the show somehow. Kendrick Lamar is also rumored to possibly make an appearance. Some gossip of Jermaine Dupri has also popped up, all we can do is wait and see what the show has in store for us.

Super Bowl 2019 Performer

  • Maroon 5
  • Adam Levine ( Front Man)
  • Have a song with Cardi B. from the new album ( Kaepernick supporter, so iffy)
  • Maybe bringing Kendrick Lamar ( Iffy, he supports Colin Kaepernick)
  • On Tour now
  • Sponsored by Pepsi
  • Will be an Epic Show

Super Bowl LIII Preview

There are exactly 87 days, 16 hours, 31 minutes, and 40 seconds left until the Super Bowl. The date and now the time has been announced. The time that it will begin is 6:30 P.M. It is still early and difficult to predict who will be in the big game this year, but it looks like it’s going to be a fight to the finish with the teams this year. The Carolina Panthers and L.A. Chargers are really looking good this year and are predicted to be at least in the playoffs.

Live Score

During the game, you’ll be able to check the live score basically on any social media site. There are many live streaming feeds for the big game, no one should miss a score, a play, or the highlight reels.


The NFL is super protective over their trademarks. When we see commercials that do not say “Super Bowl,” there’s a reason for that. The words, “Super Bowl,” are trademarked by the NFL. The bar or store has a Super Bowl party or drinks, they cannot charge anyone for entry into the show.

Final Words

There is so much excitement around this season’s super bowl and we are looking

forward to who plays this year. As an Atlantan, I’m very partial to my Falcons, however, I’m just simply proud to be in Georgia and want the state to represent us well.